XXI Meeting Annuale di EVU Europa che si terrà a Brasov (Romania) – 27 al 29 settembre  2012

Brasov is located in the central part of Romania, about 200 km north of Bucharest, in the Transylvania region. Like many other cities in Transylvania, Brasov was a fortified city. Two entrances of the old city still exist: Ecaterina’s Gate and Schei’s Gate. The city center is the place where the mayor's former office building was built, called “Casa Sfatului”. There are other historic buildings in the city center, such as the Hirscher’s House, which is one of the oldest buildings in Brasov and the Black Church, one of the largest gothic churches in Southeastern Europe. Nearby the city center, right in the heart of the historic part of the city, there is St. Nicholas Church, dating back to the 14th century.

Brasov is also famous for hosting the Golden Stag International Music Festival and the Juni (youth) of Brasov traditional folk festival, when young men from the Schei neighborhood wearing costumes, parade through the city on horseback, ending up at Solomon’s Rocks for a feast. In the surroundings of Brasov there are also the Bran Castle, that attracts millions of Dracula’s fans and Poiana Brasov, one of the most famous resorts in Romania, mainly for ski in the winter but also for hiking and sightseeing in the summer. The organizers and the EVU Board have agreed with the following topics:

  • Introduction of Event Data Recorder (EDR) within EC; Impacts and Challenges for Experts
  • Uncertainty and errors in Accident Reconstruction
  • Countermeasures for deficiency of traces
  • New technologies of Accident Reconstruction
  • Open Forum

As you can see we will also welcome papers for the “Open Forum” sessions, where authors can present the results of their latest achievements, including Accidents with Special Scientific Aspects. This conference will be the best occasion for publishing these results. The presentations will be translated simultaneously into English and German. An award for the best presentation will be made at the end of the conference. The conference venue will be the ARO Palace Hotel in the centre of the city where you will be able to find rooms and also we will provide information for many different hotels which are within walking distance of the centre. The organisers will provide a cultural program for accompanying persons, and a Gala dinner will be organised. For attendees who decide to stay longer, a weekend in the city and in the surrounding Dracula Castel will be an opportunity to spend a marvellous weekend. As the president of the organising committee I am inviting authors to submit an abstract in English only on the form which can be found on the EVU web page. You must send your abstract to: evu2012@unitbv.ro before January 31st, 2012. You will also find the link under: www.evuonline.org. Please download the abstract form and the form for printing needs. Authors of the chosen papers (selected by March 30th, 2012) will be informed by the organisers and asked to deliver the full text in English (an additional German version will also be most welcome) not later than May 1th, 2012. Papers have to be prepared on the form which will be sent to authors or is downloadable from the EVU web page. The EVU Headquarters will arrange for the full text of papers to be reviewed and if necessary revised by proofreaders before the conference. Presenters of the selected papers will be exempt from the conference registration fee and will be entered for the competition for the best presentation.

Locandina XXI Congresso EVU Europa